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Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What makes Bannock™ Different?

Bannock is simply dedicated to providing a better cook in pouch camping meal.

  • Bannock servings aren’t skimpy. They are 30% to 50% larger than the servings of other recognized camping meal brands.
  • Bannock is made from better, healthier ingredients.
  • Bannock meals are more filling and help you feel fuller, longer.
  • Bannock meals look appetizing and taste delicious.

Q – What is different about Bannock entrees?

Bannock™ entrée meals (lunch & dinner) were formulated to provide more satisfaction and to provide more nutritional diversity similar to a complete meal. Bannock’s meals were formulated to provide more protein, fiber, and real food benefits than other options. Finally, the meat in Bannock meals is sealed in a separate package until preparation time, which makes for fresher tasting meals. 

Q – What is different about Bannock Breakfasts & Desserts?
If you are one of those people that like to eat breakfast food for lunch or dinner, then Bannock™ will be a real find for you.  The breakfasts and desserts are high in protein and prebiotic fiber for a full, satisfied feeling and they taste incredible.

Q - What is the 55 Fermented Superfood Blend in Bannock Products?
This superfood ingredient blend is something we really like. It’s sold under the trademark preB™. You can research it at The ingredients in this blend are naturally or organically grown in Brazil and watered from fresh water springs. This ingredient blend is a prebiotic feeding probiotics and supporting a healthy gut. The blend of ingredients goes through a unique six month fermentation process to preserve and enhance the nutrition of the blend. Fermentation reduces toxins and anti-nutritive byproducts of foods.

The fermentation process used allows for retention of the original phytonutrients of the original plants, which are typically destroyed when food is processed in other ways.  The fermentation process concentrates the vital nutrients from the food and provides nutrients that are much more bio-available. The superfood blend provides for a unique prebiotic.

Q - What is the soluble prebiotic fiber used in the meals?
This soluble prebiotic fiber originates from plant material. The two primary plant materials used in this fiber blend come from tapioca and corn (both non-gmo). Benefits of this fiber include:

  1. 1.     Better gut-tolerance compared to other fibers
  2. 2.     Stable pH
  3. 3.     Natural sweetness
  4. 4.     Hunger control (increased satiety)
  5. 5.     Pleasant mouthfeel (no gritty texture)
  6. 6.     High temperature stable
  7. 7.     Flavor enhancement 

Q - Will the soluble prebiotic fiber cause stomach issues?
This fiber blend has a DP (Degree of Polymerization) length of 3 – 12. This fiber blend is gentle on the stomach causing much less GI stress than other fibers. It provides the satisfaction you need and the health benefits of fiber but without all the discomfort.

Q - What is the Kakato™ sweetener used in Bannock™ products?
Kakato is a natural sweetener that looks and tastes just like sugar, but it has no artificial chemicals, no sugar alcohols, and zero grams of sugar. It has much fewer calories than sugar, has a low glycemic index and includes prebiotic fiber.  It’s not only not bad for you (like sugar and other sugar substitutes) it actually provides nutritional benefit.

Q - Why do you use Kakato™?
Bannock™ realizes that for most consumers of camping food taste is important. Bannock™ wanted to hit both the target for great taste and better for you. Our formulators wanted a natural sweetener that provided superior taste. Kakato™ provides both a natural sweetness and hunger control.

Q - Where can I find the Kakato™ sweetener?
Bannock™ sources Kakato™ from Silver Fern (

Q – What is the shelf life of Bannock™ meal pouches?
Bannock meals are cook-in-pouch and have a shelf life of up to 7 years.  For added freshness in the taste of Bannock meals, we use freeze dried meats which are sealed in a separate package inside each pouch. Separating the meats in this manner enhances the fresh taste of bannock meals. Mingle the meats with the rest of the ingredients just prior to cooking.

Q – How can I get in touch with you?
See our contact us page for details. Our customer service hours are M-F, 9am to 5pm.